Immigration Reform/ Border Security

Border security and immigration reform are two separate issues that intersect with each other. “Limited Government” means the government should only be involved in what is constitutionally allowed. Defense of the country is chief among government mandates. Therefore I support the use of the National Guard on the border. The National Guard should not be used for overseas missions. We must have a system in place that can weed out dangerous criminals, gang members, and terrorists. It is unacceptable that these people can enter the country undetected. There must also be health screenings in place so that deadly diseases are diagnosed and the proper quarantine procedures can take place. Granting what in in effect amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants by creating a fast-track to citizenship will only encourage more illegal immigration. This is not the answer to immigration reform. I am for open LEGAL immigration, the country was founded by immigrants. I would be open to fast-tracking legal immigrants who wish to work and are high in demand for their skills. I would also be open to simplifying the immigration process overall as it now take too long.

Healthcare Reform/ Obamacare

Obamacare is a travesty to small businesses and everyone in general. Small business is the backbone of the community and the district. These businesses are being forced to cut full-time workers from their payroll so they are under 40 people and will not be forced to pay for Obamacare. How is it a good thing or good policy to force people and businesses that didn’t have insurance in the first place because they couldn’t afford it to have to sign up for a policy or face a fine? The federal government has no constitutional authority to force people or businesses to buy health insurance. Obamacare is an egregious abuse of power. Offering tax incentives and other government subsidies to offset the costs of Obamacare is not the way to fix a flawed healthcare system. He only way to fix it is with a free market approach allowing for competition across state lines so the people and businesses get the most competitive pricing for the policies they want. The federal government cannot even take care of our veterans properly; it does not need, nor is it constitutionally allowed to run a national healthcare system.

Caucusing/ Bipartisanship

Caucusing is of course essential to governing. I will caucus on any issue or bill that I feel; or the people of my district feel affects them. I do not plan on being a lone wolf in office. I will not however blindly join up with either Democrats or Republicans on issues. I will research each issue and bill as it comes up and make the appropriate decision after that. Bipartisanship is important to get issues passed.

Job Creation

Job creation is essential to District 33. Small businesses are the backbone, they must be protected and helped to thrive not be burdened with legislation such as Obamacare which hurts small business. Larger corporations must invest more in the community and the District to be seen as a magnet for business. Raising the minimum wage will not help those in the middle class as it will cause prices on goods and services to rise as well. I would be for eliminating the minimum wage and letting a free market decide wages should be paid.


More federal spending is not the answer to a better education system. The federal government has no role in the education system according to the Constitution. Competition amongst schools will strengthen the public school system. Parents should be allowed to send their children to any school they want whether public or private, and not be forced to send their child to an under-performing school. Throwing money at the issue will not and has not improved the system. Accountability and transparency are also paramount in reforming a flawed education system. I would sponsor legislation to offer school choice.