Job creation is essential to District 33. Small businesses are the backbone, they must be protected and helped to thrive not be burdened with legislation such as Obamacare which hurts small business. Larger corporations must invest more in the community and the District to be seen as a magnet for business. Raising the minimum wage will not help those in the middle class as it will cause prices on goods and services to rise as well. I would be for eliminating the minimum wage and letting a free market decide wages should be paid.



More federal spending is not the answer to a better education system. The federal government has no role in the education system according to the Constitution. Competition amongst schools will strengthen the public school system. Parents should be allowed to send their children to any school they want whether public or private, and not be forced to send their child to an under-performing school. Throwing money at the issue will not and has not improved the system. Accountability and transparency are also paramount in reforming a flawed education system. I would sponsor legislation to offer school choice.


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